Synthesizers and the Pipe Organ

Last update: 5/10/2006

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Church music/organ:

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I've gravitated toward some interesting combinations of pipe organ and synthesizer sound over the last several years. In this time, I've developed a lot of my own ideas (who hasn't?!), with a combination of conscious philosophy and pragmatism (i.e., sometimes I couldn't afford what I really might want!).

Here's my current setup in Milwaukee at home, with homebrew MIDI pedalboard details

Around November 2001, I was organist/choir director at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church here in Milwaukee. Here are some adventures and misadventures with their decent small Wicks organ enhanced with a Peterson MIDI Resource System and Allen sound module:

Details of Beautiful Savior's setup

From my years as Director of Music at Church of the Annunciation, Minneapolis (1987-1998)...

An article I wrote for February 1995 "Pipenotes" (newsletter for the Twin City Chapter, American Guild of Organists)

What am I looking for in synths?

Past and current synths

Programs with synth and organ

A little leaflet for parishioners at Annunciation, Minneapolis, about the organ, synthesizers, and their use in contemporary Catholic worship

[RealAudio logo]RealAudio sound clips (synth and organ)

[midiplug pic]Synthesizer patches for the Ensoniq MR-61 (and others in the MR/ZR line)

[RealAudio logo]RealAudio sound clips (including some from Annunciation)

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