What am I looking for?

Last update: 3/20/97

Some specific synth characteristics I have found useful

You can tell that I've gotten very used to older Ensoniq flagship synths -- the just-discontinued TS-10 and its predecessors, the SD-1 and VFX families. (No commercial connection, I promise -- just a satisfied user.) This company's new flagship keyboards, the MR-61 and MR-76, don't do these things (though they have other advantages, to be sure -- fortunately, I can retain most of the control flexibility I like by controlling my MR-61 from the TS-10!).

What first attracted me to synths?

A variety of things I have heard over the years from the mass market -- ranging from Emerson, Lake and Palmer, to Switched-On Bach, to Tomita's classical transcriptions, to Gospel music, to "Music from the Hearts of Space," to the Paul Winter Consort. Some of these initially attracted me by their use of a pipe organ in non-traditional contexts, others by some organ-like sounds, others by my simple love of a variety of styles. And I had a few chances in college (early 70's) to mess around with early Moogs, and with my love of electronics, technology and acoustics, a lot of it made sense right off the bat.

So what synth attracted me first?