The Studio Setup in Milwaukee

Boys and their toys... and boy, do these three categories of toys overlap these days:

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The Synths, Controllers, MIDI gear
Ensoniq TS-10 - excellent keyboard controller with polyphonic aftertouch!  Ensoniq MR-61 - good all-around keyboard workstation - 64-voice synth engine with in-depth parameter control. Needs MOTU Unisyn for sound programming.  NemeSys GigaSampler LE (on Windows PC)
Seer System SurReal software synth (on Windows PC)
32-note organ pedalboard with velocity-sensitive MIDI interface Mark of the Unicorn Midi Time Piece AV interface/patchbay

Audio Gear
Tascam DA-20MKII DAT deck
Mackie 1202 mixer
Fostex powered speaker system
Old stereo gear, including Kenwood KM893 power amp, Infinity Qe speakers, misc speaker/amps

Computer Hardware/Software
Pentium III - 600 MHz processor
GigaByte BX2000+ motherboard
256 meg SDRAM
Maxtor ATA/66 drives (20 and 40 GB)
Plexwriter 8432A CD-RW
No-name 50x CD-ROM
NVidia Vanta video card
Sceptre 17" monitor, typically run at 1280x1024
Soundscape Mixtreme 16-channel audio card, with SS8IO-3 8-channel analog interface, with Digital Power Pak software package:
  • EMagic Logic Audio AV
  • Sonic Foundry ACID Style
  • NemeSys GigaSampler LE
  • Seer System SurReal software synth
Sonic Foundry CD Architect 4.0
Misc. shareware audio software

Oh- an old Mac IIsi and two SE/30's, to play my legacy Performer 4.2 files, and to run the (much more flexible!) Mac software for the Midi Time Piece AV!

The result:

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