The Synth in some Choral Works

Some additional chances came as I made some accompaniments to some moderately avant-garde choral works by Monte Mason, performed with his Twin Cities men's choir, the Gregorian Singers. One of them was especially successful, and appears on the "Pipedreams Premieres" CD from Minnesota Public Radio: "Psalm 139" by Monte Mason, with organ, synthesizer, and men's choir. Originally written for an Orff instrument ensemble and influenced by the sound of the Javanese gamelan, the synth and its sequencer created a wonderful plucked / tuned percussion ensemble for this evocative work. Note that the CD booklet does not credit James Frazier as organist! I just "ran" the synth -- in this case, starting and stopping the onboard sequencer and managing tempo changes manually.

Dueling Keyboards

In April 1993, I collaborated with Frank Winkels (now deceased), and Larry Reynolds in the first "Dueling Keyboards" program at Annunciation. The VFX-SD was supplemented by some of Frank's instruments: a Proteus/2 orchestral module and an Ensoniq SQ-80 (mostly used as a "second manual"). This was a populist program, with excerpts from Carnival of the Animals and such. The real fun work was Ravel's "Mother Goose" suite. Piano duet or 2-piano works are easy to "register" with just a little imagination and marking up of the original score -- no complex transcription necessary! The Ravel was aired regionally on Minnesota Public Radio's "Artists in Concert" about 2 years later.

Complete program

Here are two later programs with other collaborators:

Dueling Keyboards II (1994)

Dueling Keyboards III (1995)

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