A few other homebrew links

by John Seboldt, K0JD, 
Milwaukee, WI

Last update: 3/23/04

Links to Other Ham Homebrew Stuff (cleaned up 12/6/03)

  • ARRL Technical Information Service - lots of online copies of articles, links, etc (some are members-only links)
  • The DSP Interchange for Weaksignal Communication and SETI
  • Penn State Component Database
  • Chip Directory
  • The QRP-L FTP site at FTP.LEHIGH.EDU
  • A nice prototype board from Jenmat
  • My full list of ham radio links...

    Do you have equipment based on these modules? Send modification notes, short or long articles, photos, or whatever, and I'll put it up here.

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    John Seboldt, K0JD, Milwaukee, WI
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