"Next Generation" I/Q rigs

by John Seboldt, K0JD, 
Milwaukee, WI

Last update: 3/23/04

Next-Generation I/Q Rigs
Yes, folks, time marches on, and there are more concepts to try. The DSP audio processing above was a start, but now there are two rigs that are closer to being completely software-defined:

The DSP-10 2-meter rig by W7PUA - kit available from TAPR, http://www.tapr.org/tapr/html/Fdsp10.html - nice all-mode 2-meter rig with an emphasis on DSP features for exotic weak-signal reception

AC5OG's "Software-Defined Radio for the Masses" - http://www.flex-radio.com/ - not a kit, but a cutting-edge HF rig that uses an advanced PC soundcard for the DSP functions (and rig control, of course).

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