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by John Seboldt, K0JD, 
Milwaukee, WI

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Love this R2 receiver concept!

Something about the R2 receiver module (and the T2 phasing SSB exciter) by Rick Campbell, KK7B, really fascinated me, and got me seriously into homebrewing. Probably the sense of audio cleanness described in the article was the first appealing thing, then the unique character of the non-superhet approach. Now, this approach is definitely "in" in the communications industry, with tons of chipsets for quadrature receiver/transmitter setups. 

So, my first R2 board, etched from the pattern via iron-on toner transfer, is still in use. First time I attached a VFO and tuned around late at night on 40 meters, I was just entranced - feeling like I was literally "surfing the ether." As time went on, around it grew various modules cobbled from bits of wisdom gleaned from the amateur homebrew literature that have been endlessly packaged, repackaged, and haywired. 

Homebrew ingenuity, imperfection, and "making do" abounds in the K0JD shack. A mix of dead-bug, homemade and commercial PC boards, big old ceramic disks from the junk box and brand spankin' new surface mount parts, old boatanchor VFOs and fancy DDS synthesis, all live side by side. But the work is satisfying homebuilding, and the result is a pretty good rig or two, which I share for fun and exchange of information.

Top: the modified T-368 VFO
Below that: an old phone answering machine cabinet with the R2, T2, and other circuits
Foreground left: a KC-1 counter/keyer

cat on rig
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